Xpertise Cruise Travel - Planning experiences on the sea where dreams and memories of a lifetime meet!   
     "Planning experiences on the sea where dreams and memories of a lifetime meet!”
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Welcome to Xpertise Cruise Travel!

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With so many cruise travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. We work as your lifestyle, preferences and value interpreter. Using our Xpertise, we identify amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With Xpertise Cruise Travel, you can be confident that your cruise vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle free and filled with moments that you’ll never forget.

Why Should You Choose Xpertise Cruise Travel?

We’re glad you asked!

- personal experience – we’ve been there, done that
- planning a cruise on your own is consuming and daunting 
- we get to know you and your preferences
- we have access to all available rates - not just those on the internet
- we know the difference between what’s great and what’s not
- we provide advice, explain the options and eliminate surprises
- we are there for you - a real person - imagine that! 

Kerry & Nancylee are Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) Elite (ECC), Master (MCC) and Accredited (ACC) Cruise Counsellors and business owners of Xpertise Cruise Travel in Trinity, FL. With over 30 years of experience, specializing in cruise travel advisory services; we offer the perfect mix of knowledge, customer service and Xpertise necessary to plan cruise vacation experiences of a lifetime based on customer lifestyles and personal preferences.


The Value of a Cruise Vacation

Cruise vacation planning is in full swing for many couples, families and senior citizens. Over 90% of travelers that have experienced a cruise vacation continue to cruise time and time again to visit familiar destinations or to travel somewhere they’ve never been before.

With rising costs for just about everything from gasoline to food it pays to plan in advance, but after adding up the costs of a land-based vacation including airfare, rental cars, hotels, dining and entertainment, a vacation getaway can run thousands over budget.


Cruises continue to provide vacationers the best all-inclusive value offering a wide variety of entertainment options for all ages.


Before planning any type of vacation many believe that it pays to shop around for their selves on the internet, but that takes time on the consumer’s part; something we’re all short on these days. Here in Trinity, the best place to get the knowledge and the customer service that you deserve is Xpertise Cruise Travel.


Our Favorite Cruise Destinations

Alaska Caribbean Europe



Contact Us

Office Hours: by appointment only

We make ourselves available to you on an appointment basis at times that are convenient to your schedule. Most people find it more convenient to discuss their plans for a cruise vacation during the evenings and over the weekend due to competing work schedules and other commitments.

There's no need to make special arrangements during your busy day to drive to our office or to take time out of your lunch hour.

How Do You Schedule an Appointment?



Mailing Address:
Xpertise Cruise Travel
PO Box 1113
Odessa, FL  33556

Stay Up-To-Date

Happy Customers

“After having booked our own travel for years, we decided to work with an experienced cruise consultant for added convenience and selected Xpertise Cruise Travel. We not only got a wonderful travel agent, but a travel concierge who takes care of everything from bookings to all the small details that go into making one’s travel plans complete.

We are thrilled to be able to call and speak directly with Kerry or Nancylee who know us and our preferences without having to look us up in ‘the system’. Their flawless execution and informed point of views are the right combination for us. We highly recommend Xpertise Cruise Travel”

- Peter J. & Wayne G.